Thursday, August 12, 2010

Zai Jian from China!

Well, here we sit. Suitcases packed, waiting for 4:30 to roll around so we can get on the bus and head for the airport. Our flight leaves Guangzhou at 9:00 Friday night, arriving 14 hours later in LA at 7:00 Friday night. LOL

This experience has been so wonderful and we are thankful for it. Folks in our group have been very nice and our guides have been terrific! I'm attaching some last pictures of the children from our group on the famous red couch. Caroline is the youngest child being adopted in our group, the oldest being 13, and all with special needs. (Of China's adoptions in the last year, 67% have been special needs).

Can't believe the trip's almost over. Thank you to Lindsey and Chris (our precious oldest daughter and son-in-law) for caring for our kids at home. Thank you, Lindsey, for nudging us to adopt in the first place. :-) Thank you Kevin and Janet Cecil, for sharing your love of the fatherless with us in word and deed and starting us on our official adoption journey. Thank you to each of you who have helped us in so many other ways. Most of all, thank you to our heavenly father who has adopted us as his own. To him be the glory forever! Zai Jian (good-bye) from China!


  1. Caroline is simply precious. I love Annie's new pink outfit too. :-)
    Praising Him,

  2. yay! So glad to meet Caroline. Love you guys! all of you!

  3. You all look so great!! I love the red couch photos. Amen, and amen to your words on adoption...we so understand. You all are such a part of our adoption journey. :)


  4. I can't wait to meet the new little one! Blessings to you on your journey home!